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Driver, Wife Unhurt After 'Big Tree Came Right Down' On Car In Wilmington

WILMINGTON (CBS) – Two people in Wilmington narrowly escaped injury when a large tree fell down and landed on the hood of their car. The tree came crashing down on West Street on Saturday. It also took down power lines.

"No one was hurt. Just the car was crushed. That's it," said Richard Sardynski told WBZ-TV, he was the driver.

"We went around a curve, my wife says 'watch it, watch it.' A big tree, big tree came right down and if I had gone another two or three feet, it would have crushed us," Sardynski said.

Wilmington Police
A downed tree in Wilmington. (Image Credit: Wilmington Police)

According to Sardynski, it was his wife's sharp eyes that saved them. "She saw the tree move, she said 'watch it, watch it, that tree is going to come over.' I hit my brakes and good thing I did."

West Street is closed between Lowell Street and Woburn Street. Reading Light is working to resolve power issues. As of 8 p.m., the neighborhood still did not have power.

And while Sardynski's car is likely totaled, he is not concerned. "My life and my wife's life is worth more than the car. We can get another car."

Sardynski's car was not the only vehicle damaged at heavy rain and gusting winds moved throughout the region on Saturday.

Car damaged by a downed tree branch in Braintree (Photo Courtesy: Jonathan Richter)

A large tree branch landed on a parked car on Town Street in Braintree. No one was injured.

At one point, 24,000 people across the state were without power.

High winds also brought down trees and power lines in Burlington, police tweeted.

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