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Former Girlfriend Of Whitey Bulger Convinced His Murder Was A Setup

BOSTON (CBS) -- It was four months ago when Lindsey Cyr last talked to her former boyfriend Whitey Bulger. "I asked how he was, he said he was fine and I shouldn't worry, which is what he always said," Cyr tells WBZ-TV.

Cyr had a 12-year relationship with Bulger and gave birth to their son Douglas who died at the age of six. She is now convinced his murder this week in a West Virginia federal penitentiary was a setup.

Lindsey Cyr and her son Douglas (WBZ-TV)

"They were trying to kill him," she said. "The Department of Corrections."

She believes Bulger's notoriety had everything to do with it. "I think he had so many enemies and he attracted so much attention that they didn't want him around anymore."

Lindsey Cyr (WBZ-TV)

Sources tell CBS news that convicted Springfield mob hitman Freddy Geas is one of Bulger's suspected killers. A former attorney tells WBZ-TV that Geas is a man who didn't like informants, and Bulger was the most famous of them all.

Former FBI agent John Gamel, who worked the Bulger case for years, is surprised the Bureau of Prisons didn't provide more protection. "If a person is threatened within a population, then they take precautions because the person is essentially in the custody of the BOP and they're responsible for him," said Gamel.

When asked outside the family's South Boston home today if investigators have contacted the family, Bulger's brother Jackie would only say "nothing".

whitey bulger
Whitey Bulger. (Image credit: CBS News)

But Lindsey Cyr is doubting reports that Whitey Bulger ever requested to be put in the general prison population. "He was not a person who looked for company. He was very quiet and very reserved," said Cyr.

The FBI has only said this is a homicide investigation. The West Virginia prison has suspended inmate visitations indefinitely.

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