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Where is Harmony Montgomery? Search continues along 26-mile route

Investigators vow to continue to search for Harmony Montgomery's body
Investigators vow to continue to search for Harmony Montgomery's body 02:30

MANCHESTER, N.H. - The years-long search for Harmony Montgomery is not over, even after the 5-year-old's father, Adam Montgomery, was convicted of murdering her on Thursday.

Harmony disappeared in 2019 and her body has never been found. New Hampshire police didn't know she was missing until 2021.

Harmony's stepmother, Kayla Montgomery testified in court that Adam Montgomery put Harmony's body in a bag and got a U-Haul truck from a friend to dispose of her.

Where are police searching for Harmony Montgomery?

After the guilty verdict, prosecutor Benjamin Agati told reporters that an analysis of the U-Haul's mileage suggests Harmony's remains are somewhere along a 26-mile stretch between Manchester, New Hampshire and the Revere/Chelsea area outside Boston.

He said "relentless" searches have already taken place in the Rumney Marsh Reservation in Revere, the Sales Creek area, the Chelsea Creek area and behind North Shore Road. 

"Those are still our big areas of search and our big areas that we're hoping somebody sees something," Agati said. "We really hope that she can get the burial she deserves."

"It still feels like it's not complete. We didn't find her. I'll be on the job for some time, I have about 15 years left. And as long as I am a police officer I will continue to search for her,"  Lead Detective Jack Dunleavy said.  

"It's not about a feather in the cap to say we found her. It's about this is what she deserves, that's what you deserve, that's what I deserve. Everybody has that level of dignity that they should be afforded. And Harmony is just like anybody else, she deserves to have that too," Agati said.    

Adam Montgomery was from Revere and knew the area well, Agati said. Whether he'll cooperate further now that there's been a guilty verdict remains to be seen.

"He knows where she is," Agati said. 

Investigators are asking people to keep an eye out for a tan CMC Hospital tote bag that Adam was carrying.

They also ask that if anyone sees anything suspicious in those areas to call 603-932-8997.

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