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Weymouth Man Allegedly Caught On Camera In Sleeping Woman's Bedroom

WEYMOUTH (CBS) – A Weymouth woman is crediting her dog and a new surveillance camera for helping police catch an intruder that entered her bedroom while she slept. "I threw up, I was sick to my stomach," says the woman, who prefers to shield her identify, when she woke up and realized what happened.

Police say the intruder was 40-year-old Jason Tinsley of Weymouth, a man who had done odd jobs for her and had access to the home. She says he was caught standing over her bed and jostled the dog crate as he moved a blanket to get at a purse.

Jason K. Tinsley Weymouth Mug
Jason K. Tinsley of Weymouth. (Weymouth Police Department photo)

It was her terrier Lizzie who scared him off. "The dog barked uncontrollably," she says. "If you know anything about small dogs they make a lot of noise."

She installed the camera a couple months ago when she noticed items missing from the home and became nervous. She thinks it was also Tinsley who entered her bedroom back in August.

"He told me not to look at his face or he would hurt me," he said. "I just rolled over and pretended to be asleep until he left."

This time the camera caught his movement out the door and just enough for her to notice identifying tattoos.

"I'm very grateful, I feel like the luckiest person around," she says.

She doesn't know what might have happened next, especially if Lizzie hadn't taken on a 250 pound intruder. "The camera was the second best investment, buying the dog was the best bet."

Tinsley was arraigned on charges of unarmed burglary and larceny from a building and is being held on five thousand dollars bail.


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