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WBZ NewsWatch With Joe Mathieu: Watertown Police

BOSTON (CBS) – WBZ NewsWatch with Joe Mathieu returned Thursday on WBZ NewsRadio 1030 with Watertown Police Chief Ed Deveau, Sgt. Jeff Pugilese, and Officer Tim Menton as his guests.

Watertown Police
Watertown Police Chief Ed Deveau, Sgt. Jeff Pugilese, WBZ's Joe Mathieu and Officer Tim Menton. (Photo by Peter Casey)

They recounted the events of April 19, when they confronted the Boston Marathon bombings suspects.

The one-hour special news interview program airs once a month on WBZ.

You can follow Joe on Twitter @Joe MathieuWBZ.

Here's the audio from Thursday's interview:

Part One - Finding The Carjacked SUV

NewsWatch Part 1

Part Two - The Explosions

NewsWatch Part 2

Part Three - Confrontation With Tamerlan

NewsWatch Part 3

Part Four - Tamerlan Run Down

NewsWatch Part 4

Part Five - Saving Officer Donohue

NewsWatch Part 5

Part Six - What Happened Next?

NewsWatch Part 6

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