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DEA Issues Warning About Meth Pills Resembling Adderall

BOSTON (CBS) –  The Drug Enforcement Administration is probably one of the federal government's busiest agencies. And now, it has a new issue to worry about – counterfeit Adderall and Ritalin.

Meth manufactured to look like Adderall. (Photo credit: DEA)

Agents said some of the Mexican drug cartels have shifted focus to making counterfeit pills, and they're pure methamphetamine.

"The Mexican drug cartels have made a business decision," said DEA Agent Tim Desmond.

Adderall and Ritalin are prescription drugs, commonly used to help young people suffering from ADHD. Now, drug agents say, the counterfeit pills, which look just like the real thing, are on the streets. They fear young people could become addicted to the highly-destructive meth.

"It's an attempt to corner a younger market (here in the U.S.)," said Desmond, who said the pills were made in "superlabs" in Mexico.

The DEA said the fake pills are turning up in New England, especially in the northern states.

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