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Waltham Begins Work To Bring 4 Train Crossings Into Federal Compliance So Rail Horns Can End

WALTHAM (CBS) - The city of Waltham is making changes at four railroad crossings to stop trains from sounding their horns at all hours.

Residents have been frustrated for months because trains started blaring their horns anytime they came through crossings at Beaver Street, Elm Street, Moody Street, and South Street.

The Federal Railway Administration required the trains to do that because Waltham had not put in safety measures at the crossings, despite being warned it was a problem back in 2008.

Starting Thursday, crews will begin working on the crossings at Beaver and Moody streets to bring them into compliance.

Then they'll move to the Elm Street and South Street crossings next week.

Once the work is done, the FRA will need to inspect them again. If they meet federal requirements MBTA commuter rail trains will no longer need to sound their horns when approaching those four crossings.

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