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The trains are running, but many MBTA escalators are not

The trains are running, but many MBTA escalators are not
The trains are running, but many MBTA escalators are not 02:27

BOSTON - The trains are running again following the 30-day Orange Line shutdown, but as riders have noticed, many escalators remain stairs.

"We thought they were fixing everything," one man said at Sullivan Square.

The Orange Line shutdown was distinctly for fixing the tracks and signaling systems, not the escalators.

Among those broken down:
• Back Bay (For maintenance)
• Porter Square (For maintenance)
• Mass Ave (It was smoking on Tuesday, now out of service)
• Sullivan Square (Aging; requires major work)
• Community College (Aging; requires major work)
"I don't know what people who need the escalators are doing; I really don't," one rider told WBZ.

The T says they have options, telling WBZ that, "It should be noted that all of these stations have functioning elevators and the stations remain fully accessible to people of all abilities."

Darryl, who rides at Sullivan Station and owns local catering business "Everybody Gotta Eat" told WBZ he feels it's time the state takes more drastic steps. "Make [MBTA leaders] take the T for a month," he said. "Hopefully they can use these bathrooms, and hopefully they don't have any impairments like my back is hurting so I need the escalators."

The MBTA says there is reason for hope, as the T is currently in the process of ordering parts to start long-awaited repairs on the Sullivan Square and Community College stops. 

The T is no stranger to escalator incidents. Back in September 2021, a Back Bay escalator unexpectedly went in reverse, tossing riders to the ground in a pile below.

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