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Toucher & Rich's 'Know Your Armpits Of America'

BOSTON (CBS) - There are places on this planet that are less than desirable according to the local news - and some are even in this country, places where crazy or weird news stories seem to be the norm.

So Toucher & Rich are doing their best to warn you about these "Armpits of America." Rich will give a short description of a real news story, and it's your job to guess where the story came from.

- The first story featured a man arrested for making sweet love in public. To a lovely lady? No, it was to an inflatable pool raft. Did this story happen in...

  • Arcadia, Florida
  • Hamilton, Ohio
  • Gulf Port, Mississippi

- And finally, our last story involved an entrepreneur that performed illegal butt injections operating out of a La Quinta hotel. Did this story happen in...

  • Huntsville, Alabama
  • Bakersfield, California
  • Plantation, Florida

Listen below and play along!

Know Your Armpits Of America


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