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Toucher & Rich: Super Bowl Still Not Sold Out, Why?

BOSTON (CBS) - According to a recent report, 18,000 tickets are remaining for the Super Bowl this Sunday. Keep in mind that the capacity for MetLife Stadium is nearly 83,000 people.

"That's got to be unprecedented," said Rich Thursday morning. "The fact that you're in the biggest market in America and you've got 18,000 tickets left? I bet the New Orleans one was sold out immediately."

Could it be weather related? Perhaps. Jon Wallach thinks it could have more to do with the cost of lodging.

"It's not like Denver and Seattle fans aren't used to sitting in bad weather, so the other part of it is staying in New York City might be too expensive for these fans."

It's likely a combination of factors, but the one that's getting overlooked the most is the game day experience for the fans. Roger Goodell has restricted so much that it'll be a journey in and of itself just to get to East Rutherford come kickoff.

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"You cannot take a cab to the game. Cabs are completely out of the picture. You cannot take a limo to the game. You cannot walk to the game and you cannot tailgate unless you are inside of your own car and shell out $150. The NFL has also set up the 'Fan Express', which are league-sanctioned shuttle buses that will take you to the game from designated areas for $51."

"That's a lot of hoops to jump through," said Wallach.

"Even if the weather is alright it's going to be cold. You're paying $1500 face value for a ticket, $150 to park and they want you inside the stadium by 4 o'clock and sit there until 6:30pm - people got on our cases for not wanting to go to the game, but would you want to go to the game?" asked Fred Toucher.

Listen below for the full discussion:

Super Bowl Still Not Sold Out, Why?


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