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Tom Brady Gives The Shortest Scouting Report Possible On Mac Jones

By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) -- In New England, Tom Brady is old news.

OK, that's not at all true, with this week's massive coverage of Brady's return to Foxboro as a visitor serving as proof that the Patriots franchise icon is still a pretty big deal around these parts.

Yet in terms of the future of the franchise, a lot of folks are invested in Mac Jones serving as the team's quarterback for many years to come. The Patriots spent a first-round draft pick on a QB for the first time since 1993 to select Jones, so hopes are sky-high that the team has someone who can deliver championships, much like Brady did for two decades.

(As an aside, Sunday night's game will feature the largest age gap between starting quarterbacks in NFL history, with Brady at 44 years old and Jones at 23 years old. Yes, Jones was 3 years old when Brady won his first Super Bowl with New England.)

Considering the interesting dynamics at play, it was worthwhile for a reporter to ask Brady on Thursday what he's seen thus far from Mac Jones in his young NFL career. Instead of offering up platitudes and praise, though, Brady kept his answer as brief as humanly possible.

"I haven't seen him much at all," Brady said. "Yeah."

Well then!

Whether Brady harbors some resentment toward the kid tabbed to be "the next Brady," or if he's still a little miffed that Jones led the Crimson Tide to win over Michigan in the Citrus Bowl a couple of years ago, or whether he simply doesn't have time in his life to care about the rookie quarterback for New England, that's up to the viewer to decide.

But it's clear that with Sunday night's game in Foxboro having been circled on his calendar from the second the schedule came out in May, Brady is wholly and completely focused on what he needs to do to win the game.

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