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Tom Brady, Appearing In 'Safety Bubble,' Says There Are No Curses

BOSTON (CBS) – When fans learned that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will grace the cover of Madden 18, many were asking for him to be put in a bubble to avoid the dreaded Madden curse.

Wish granted.

Brady posted a video Saturday of him wearing the newest addition to his merchandise line -the "TB12 Performance Safety Bubble."

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"I think it's safe to say we've gone a bit overboard," Brady tells a conference room of TB12 employees. "There's no curse. And there's no need for this bubble."

In a mock motivational speech to the room, Brady declares that "If I'm going to play until I'm 65, until I'm 75, it's because I'm willing to fight and die for my right to play this game."

"If you guys want to believe in curses, get the hell out. Not here. Not at TB12! Get me out of this freakin' bubble!"

A flustered Brady, however, leaves the conference room when an employee pitches the "TB12 Performance Safety Zone" that allows the quarterback to be protected while also having room to train.

Sure, the Facebook video was satire. But it couldn't hurt to protect Brady, who turns 40 this summer, by any means necessary.

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