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Bowles: No firm date for Tom Brady's return to Buccaneers

BOSTON -- Tom Brady's sabbatical from the Buccaneers took an interesting turn on Thursday. The Bucs aren't really sure when the quarterback will return to the team.

Brady left Tampa Bay to tend to a personal matter last week, and was expected to be back following the team's second preseason game on Aug. 20. On Thursday, Buccaneers head coach Todd Bowles said there is no firm date for Brady's return, and they'll revisit the matter following Saturday's game.

"We'll see. We'll talk about it next week. I'm not concerned about it right now," Bowles said Thursday. "We're trying to practice against Tennessee and play a game."


When news broke that the 45-year-old was going to take some time off, Bowles said that it was something that was arranged before training camp. The suggestion was that the team knew Brady was going to take some time off during camp, and that both sides had worked out an arrangement for the break away from football.

That's doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Add in Brady's silence on social media, and it feels like something is up with the quarterback. The longer he's away from the team and the game of football, the more speculation will grow that maybe Brady isn't feeling a 23rd season in the NFL after all.

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