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The Best Retailers To 'Like' On Facebook

BOSTON (CBS) - It may be the most powerful tool on Facebook. The "Like" button is the key to saving money at all kinds of retailers.

Jennifer Remis of South Boston is getting married in June and she has been shopping quite a bit over the past few months. She's also a bargain hunter and that's where Facebook comes in. "I actually follow quite a few on Facebook," she said.

After liking Lord &Taylor, she saw a post for a huge sale and got a great deal on a dress for her rehearsal dinner. "My dress got marked down 40% and I ended up saving like $200 on it," she said.

"It's definitely worth it for a consumer to "friend" or "like" a brand on Facebook," explained social media expert and Emerson College Professor Dave Gerzof Richard. But he warns some brands, like friends, are better than others when it comes to Facebook. "You have those friends who are constantly updating with junk," he said

So who offer the best deals? We followed a dozen retailers for more than a month and here's what we found.

Like Jennifer, we too found great deals at Lord &Taylor. They posted a friends and family sale that offered 25% off most everything and 10% of cosmetics, which are rarely discounted. Another post alerted us to a sale offering 40% off already reduced shoes.

Next on our list is Kohl's. The department store offered a coupon code for 20% off everything. Another post offered 15% off all golf attire. They also have what they call flash sales. One-day deals on all kinds of different things. We saw one for a pair of Candies pumps marked down from $59.99 to $19.99.

A favorite of the younger crowd, Abercrombie and Fitch consistently posts discounts. They posted 30% off all shorts and 25% all new summer styles.

For every day needs, try CVS, The drug store posts cash back offers like a $10 cash back card for spending $30 dollars on certain items.

If you are hungry, try liking Quiznos. That's all it takes to get a free sub. Also, Boloco, a local company has given away literally t housands of free burritos to Facebook followers.

Experts suggest liking only the brands you actually like, otherwise your newsfeed will end up looking the ad section of the Sunday paper.


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