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Tewksbury Police Looking For Best Backyard Ice Rink For Pick-Up Hockey Game

TEWKSBURY (CBS) - A call to action from the Tewksbury Police Department that's a little bit different. Officers said they're looking for the best homemade hockey rink in town to set up a game.

The department said they received dozens of submissions and despite living in Andover, Leann and Mike Melvin threw their hat in the ring. With the help of their neighbors, they created a huge ice rink right in their backyard.

"We bought an ice rink kit, put it together on a Saturday and put the liner in filled it with water and here we are," Mike Melvin said.

"The competition the Tewksbury Police Department is doing is great. Hopefully more people will do it and compete to do it kind of like Christmas lights right?" Leann Melvin said.

Even all the kids skating on the ice agreed, it's a fun way for officers to connect with young people in the community.

"I love that the police are being really interactive with our community," Alexis Goglia said.

"It was a really good idea they came up with because everybody skates. It's a fun thing to do with everybody," Rylie Charron said.

Tewksbury Police said they have their first pick-up game set for next Wednesday and hope to set up more fun competitions before winter's over.

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