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Sweet Meadow Farm In Sherborn Helps People Overcome Fear Of Animals

SHERBORN (CBS) - A local farm is helping people who may be nervous around animals overcome their fears. At Sweet Meadow Farm in Sherborn they are using horse riding and all their animals to help people move forward.

"When you're a little bit nervous and you've never been on a horse and you get on, the horse can sense that. We have what we like to call babysitter horses. Our horses are great for kids and adults who have never ridden because they are called confidence boosters," Julie Tofte of Sweet Meadow Farm told WBZ-TV.

She loves the farm.

"It's great to be able to wake up every day and do what you love, so it's a lot of work, but when you love what you do, you don't really work," Tofte said.

I trusted her with the various animals she has here, hanging out with a wallaby, feeding a very large turtle, putting bows on a pig and taking pictures with an emu.

This farm is breaking down walls and the family business is about to get bigger

"It's a family-run business, three generations, and soon to be four generations," Tofte said.

For more information, visit the farm's website.

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