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Strong Boston Police Presence Visible Along Route Of Straight Pride Parade

BOSTON (CBS) -- Dozens of Boston police officers were along the route of the Straight Pride Parade Saturday. The heavy presence was visible from all angles as police worked to keep the parade and counter-protests peaceful.

Behind City Hall Plaza, more police officers stood by in riot gear. Shortly after the crowd arrived, some of those officers were loaded on to city buses.

Police in riot gear walk through the crowd at Saturday's Straight Pride Parade (WBZ-TV)

The police department confirmed there was a city-wide call to work Saturday with only a few exceptions.

The parade began at Copley Square and ended at City Hall. Organizers have a four-hour permit starting at noon.

The Straight Pride Parade about to begin (WBZ-TV)

Police said they expected more counter-demonstrators to the parade than actual parade participants. The counter-protesters gathered at City Hall to wait for the parade. Police then situated them in the street while the Straight Pride Parade participants gathered around a stage.

Counter-protesters were kept to the street, a distance away from the Straight Pride Parade participants near the stage on City Hall Plaza (WBZ-TV)

Part of the police presence included "deploying fixed video cameras and mobile video support teams," the department said Saturday.

According to Boston Police, 36 people were arrested and four officers sustained injuries that were not life-threatening.

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