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Security Increased At Logan Airport After Ft. Lauderdale Shooting

BOSTON (CBS) - Under the watchful eye of State Police wearing tactical gear, passengers from Ft. Lauderdale arrived at baggage claim.

"Seeing all the security and all the press I feel totally blessed being here," said passenger Grace Hill.

They traveled on the last flight to Logan before the Ft. Lauderdale airport shut down. As they boarded, the shooting at baggage claim was unfolding.

"Just glad to be home, get my luggage and go," said Becky Beninati.

On board they watched the news that the shooter, who legally checked his gun and ammunition in his bags, then assembled everything in the bathroom.

"They shouldn't allow guns on planes at all unless you are a police officer," said Joe Lechiaro.

WBZ security analyst Ed Davis anticipates a review of that issue.

"Should they be moving ammunition and weapons at the same time in the same luggage?" asked Ed Davis.

It appears the shooter had mental health issues, and for Davis that brings up a complex larger issue.

"I think everybody agrees if you have a serious stability problem that you should probably not have firearms and Newtown is a perfect example of someone who should not have had firearms, but there is no easy solution here," said Davis. "There needs to be a database of people who shouldn't have weapons."

Since 9/11 security has certainly increased but baggage claim areas are very open.

"Where ever you put the perimeter, there is going to be an area outside the perimeter where people gather that's going to be vulnerable. So you can only go so far; you can only do so much," said Davis.

"That's the way it is now and we need to take it like it is," said passenger Kameron Sanchez.

Massport and the State Police released a joint statement saying there is "enhanced security" in place at Logan Airport which includes tactical units, roadway blockades and vehicle inspection units.

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