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First responders help deliver baby after couple in labor misses exit

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SOMERVILLE - First responders helped deliver a baby last month after a Walpole couple in labor missed their exit, police said Tuesday.

It happened the night of June 14th at about 11 p.m. Somerville police said officers were parked on Washington Street when a pickup truck pulled over, and a man asked for their help.

"His [finacee] was in labor and was about to give birth," police said. "They were on their way to Mt. Auburn Hospital, but realized they weren't going to make it."

Mom said she felt the baby coming while they were in a tunnel, and a "distracted" father missed the exit. Luckily, they came upon police, who were following up on a separate incident.

Somerville police Lt. Carmine Vivolo, fire Lt. Bianca Alcaraz, and officers Courtney Reece and Dylan Lambert helped deliver the baby girl. It was Vivolo who caught the infant in his hands.

"We will be forever in his debt," the father said.

An ambulance crew arrived on scene shortly after and paramedics helped with a clamped umbilical cord. Police said they heard from the hospital the next day that the baby was perfectly healthy, and that mom was also doing great.   

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