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Iconic Sky Bar Candy For Sale Again At Sudbury Shop

SUDBURY (CBS)- They're back. A candy that was once lost, is found. Sky Bars are on sale again.

They were invented by the Necco candy company in 1938, right here in Massachusetts. But when Necco closed its doors, the Sky Bar and plenty of other candy disappeared. Now, an entrepreneur in Sudbury has brought the iconic sweet treat back to life.

"I love Sky Bars," said Gerri Taylor. "You won't believe it. Sky Bar was one of my favorite candies," added Al Pettirossi.

It's a big day for Sky Bar lovers.

"We have relaunched the iconic Sky Bar candy bar, and today we are in production and for sale," said Louise Mawhinny, who owns the Duck Soup gourmet shop in Sudbury.

It's one of the greatest comebacks since the Sox beat the Yankees in the 2004 playoffs.

Skybar Sudbury
Skybars made at Sudbury shop (WBZ-TV)

"The last time it was manufactured was in May of 2018," Louise said.  And she didn't like that. "I wanted this to get back to the people who really loved it, and remembered it from their childhood," she added.

So she bought the rights to the Sky Bar brand after candy maker Necco went bust. Today, Sky Bars are hot off the press at a small manufacturing storefront, also in Sudbury.

Right now you can only buy boxes of 24 online or by coming to the shop.

"We've already sold out this morning everything we had on hand.  Our first order came in at 4:53am," Louise said.

So the candy making machinery is in high gear.

"I was the second customer this morning. I have a box and I intend to give it to everyone for Thanksgiving, "said Gerri Taylor.

What makes the candy so popular?  Some say it's the 4 different fillings.

"Caramel, nougat, peanut and fudge.  The way it was advertised was your favorite box of chocolate in a candy bar," Louise said.

Next month, Dec 7th, Louise opens a Sky Bar store also in Sudbury where you'll be able to buy single bars.

Skybar (WBZ-TV)

"It's the quality, it's nice and you get 4 pieces, so you don't have to eat the bar all at once," said Al Pettirossi.

A single Sky Bar costs $1.98, a bit more than you might remember.  Louise hopes to step up production and get Skybars onto other store shelves next year.

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