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Shaughnessy On Gresh & Zo: A-Rod Deflecting From Bigger Issue

BOSTON (CBS) - Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe sat in on the Gresh and Zolak show Thursday to cover a whole host of topics, one of them being the Alex Rodriguez drama going on in New York City.

The Yankees third baseman walked out of his grievance hearing Wednesday after arbitrator Fredric Horowitz refused to order baseball Commissioner Bud Selig to testify.

After Rodriguez walked out of his suspension arbitration hearing, he drove down to the WFAN studios to clear the air and get everything off his chest.

Rodriguez waxed poetic to Mike Francesa about about having to miss his daughter's birthday to be at these hearings, and he feels like MLB commissioner Bud Selig should "look him in the eye" and explain to him why he's facing a 211-game suspension.

Shaughnessy thinks that this attempt to humanize himself is deflecting from the bigger issue.

"You know they got you, so you just try and put the attention on something else and talk about the process and 'we're not going to be a part of this ridiculous process' - and we're out of here. A-Rod: the greatest," said a sarcastic Shaughnessy.

Gresh disagrees, and feels like Selig should be there for such a historic ruling.

"A-Rod's big beef is that Bud Selig won't sit in there and testify. Which, by the way, I don't think is a ridiculous request," said Andy Gresh. "As much as he's massively deflecting here, there is something flawed with the process when the commissioner of baseball won't sit and be a part of it."

Shaughnesy continues to make his point by referencing the commissioners of other sports.

"He [Rodriguez] is trying to get your eye away from the real situation here. I can't imagine Roger Goodell or David Stern sitting through this part of the process with a player," said Shaugnessy.

Shaughnessy thinks A-Rod is going about it the wrong way, and that if he really wanted to get his way then he should drag the Yankees into it.

"If you want to do a conspiracy theory and say the Yankees are in cahoots with MLB, and they want him out to get out from under his contract, that's his best argument."

"'The Yanks don't wanna pay me and the MLB is cooperating with them to run me off.' That's the best argument that he has," concluded Shaughnessy.

Listen to the full discussion below:

Shaughnessy: A-Rod Deflecting From The Bigger Issue


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