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Seekonk Police Arrest Suspected Serial Thief After Four Break-Ins

SEEKONK (CBS) -- Seekonk Police arrested James Stanzione of East Providence Monday after he allegedly broke into several homes.

The 27-year-old was caught on camera allegedly using a stolen ATM card at a gas station, and police said those pictures led to his arrest.

He allegedly conducted four break-ins in a matter of days, and sometimes went into homes while people were there. Police say he broke into one home while the family was sitting in the backyard.

"That was definitely concerning, especially with our kids, and we've got their bedroom windows right out front," said homeowner Jennifer Tadros. "It's a little scary."

At one home he allegedly stole a wallet, and then used the owner's debit card at a convenience store.

Dave Caisse has extra security on his windows, but is still on edge.

"Nobody can get in, unless they actually just smash the window," he said. "Then everybody in the neighborhood can hear it."

It concerns police when somebody breaks into a home with people present because it shows desperation, and can escalate.

"He actually went into a bedroom where a woman was sleeping with two young children, and took the handbag out of that bedroom," said Seekonk Police Chief Craig Mace. "So that's very concerning."

The question now is, how many stolen wallets and purses will police recover?

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