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Second Alleged Aaron Hernandez Jailhouse Letter Turns Up Online

BOSTON (CBS) - Another alleged jailhouse letter from Aaron Hernandez has shown up online.

TMZ published the second letter on its website Sunday.

In the letter, the former New England Patriots star thanks a fan for a Facebook support page she started.

The problem is Hernandez can't see it because he doesn't have Internet access in the Bristol County Jail, where he's being held for the murder of Odin Lloyd.

He wrote, "Thanks for the site and (sorry) I can't check site there is no internet in jail lol."

TMZ claims Hernandez has been warned by the sheriff to be careful with his letters "because TMZ keeps publishing them."

In an interview Sunday with WBZ-TV's Bobby Sisk, Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson said the fact people are trying to make money off Hernandez while he's incarcerated is predictable. "Sadly, I'm not completely surprised," the sheriff said of the letters that have been sold to TMZ.

Hodgson said Hernandez's mail is being screened no differently than the mail of other inmates for contraband. In some cases, the sheriff said inmates can be placed on "mail monitor" status, which includes a jail intelligence officer reviewing all mail for content.

"It's in the normal mix," Hodgson said of Hernandez's mail.

The sheriff added the jail had placed no limits on the amount of mail the former Patriots star can send from the facility. "If they have the money to purchase stamps, they can send out mail," the sheriff said of jail inmates.

It's unknown who wrote the letter.

Last week a letter Hernandez wrote to a man from New Bedford was sold to TMZ for $18,000 by a Saugus memorabilia company.


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