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Scituate Woman Fools Package Thief With 'Glitter Bomb' Bait

SCITUATE (CBS) – A Scituate woman was tired of packages being stolen from her apartment building. So she tried to help police catch the thief glitter-handed.

After a string of package thefts in her building lobby, Melissa Peralta ordered a spring loaded "glitter bomb" hoping to catch the suspect in action.

Friday morning, the package was stolen like Peralta hoped. She found a trail of glitter in the women's room and contacted police.

(Image Credit: Melissa Peralta)

"I knew they wouldn't be able to resist it," Peralta told WBZ-TV. "I wanted them to know there are consequences because they're obviously continuing to do it."

She said just this week, one of her neighbor's packages worth $200 was stolen.

Melissa Peralta
A Scituate woman planted a spring-loaded "glitter bomb" hoping a package thief would take the bait. (Image Credit: Melissa Peralta)

"I was thinking there is a sparkly person out there somewhere and I need to find them," Peralta said.

There was a trail of glitter in a Scituate apartment after a theft fell for a woman's 'glitter bomb' bait (WBZ-TV)

Officers responded but were not able to discover where the trail led.

"The message inside of the glitter bomb said 'please stop stealing our packages' so I hope they just get the message and cut it out."

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