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Woman Speeds Onto Baseball Field During Game, Killing One

SANFORD, Maine (CBS) – Police say a woman killed one person and sent others running for cover when she drove her car onto a Maine baseball field in the middle of a youth game.

Sanford Police were called to Goodall Park in Maine on Friday around 7 p.m. when bystanders scattered as a woman drove onto the field. A woman in the stands captured cell phone video of the terrifying incident.

Carol Sharrow
Carol Sharrow. (Image Credit: Sanford Police)

After driving onto the baseball diamond, Carol Sharrow, 51, allegedly slammed into a closed gate trying to leave before speeding to the main gate that was open. She ran over 68-year-old Douglas Parkhurst before driving off.

Car Drives Onto Baseball Field
A car sped onto the diamond during a Maine baseball game. (Image Credit: Makena Murphy)

Witnesses say Parkhurst was pushing players out of the way before he was hit. He died on the way to an area hospital.

"She didn't even try to stop - she gassed it," said Jody Nadeau, a mother of one of the players.

Mark Stuart said he just dropped his son off across the street when Sharrow came barreling across the parking lot.

"We were just trying to close the gate so she couldn't get out because we had the little kids across the field," he said.

Sharrow was arrested and charged with manslaughter. Anyone who has video of the incident is asked to call Sanford Police.

The Portland Press-Herald reported that Sharrow has two prior OUI convictions. Police haven't said if alcohol was involved in the Sandford incident.

The newspaper also reported that Parkhurst, the victim, confessed five years ago to a 1968 hit-and-run that left a 4-year-old girl dead. Police say there is no connection between Parkhurst and Sharrow.

The teams returned to the field for a doubleheader on Saturday to prove the kids won't let the incident ruin their love for baseball.


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