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Recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Phone Explodes In Winthrop, Paramedics Say

WINTHROP (CBS) -- Just days after Samsung announced it's recalling 2.5 million of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, one reportedly exploded in Massachusetts.

A worker for Action Ambulance Service in Winthrop was sleeping by the charging phone when the explosion happened, according to the company.

"If that exploded while he was on it, he definitely would've gotten hurt, serious burns or whatever," paramedic Dana Rhoades said.

samsung phone char mark
The mark left by the exploding phone. (Image credit Action Ambulance Service)

Rhoades and paramedic Shane McKenney were heading into work Saturday morning for a shift change when the smoke from the phone triggered fire alarms.

"It was pretty scorched," Rhoades said. "The screen was all blown out, the whole back part charred."

"The phone was melted," McKenney added. "It looked like it exploded."

Another look at the burned phone (Image credit Action Ambulance Service)

Samsung announced the massive, worldwide recall of the phones after reports that they could catch fire while charging. The smartphone was just released a month ago.

Fire Capt. Charles Flanagan said because the incident involved electronic merchandise, he plans to share it with the state fire marshal.

"It's pretty alarming, you know because that could happen to any of us," Rhoades said.

That smartphone costs $850. Samsung is offering a new phone to its customers plus a $25 gift card.

"I ain't gonna charge my phone until it's at two percent," McKenney said.

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