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Salem Family Of Four Tests Positive For COVID; Father And Daughter Are In ICU

SALEM (CBS) -- Salem teenager Kylie DeCelle has tested positive for COVID, and she is worried for the rest of family. Her dad, Mike, and sister, Mikayla, are intubated at Mass General Hospital.

"I'm really worried for my dad and my sister, but I'm also really worried for my mom right now and I really miss her," Kylie said. "There's not really much that we can do for them right now, and I feel really bad."

Kylie's mom, Erica, is at MGH too, but not as a patient. She is holding her younger daughter's hand. The mother did get her COVID vaccine, as she's expecting their third baby this winter.

"Her baby shower was supposed to be next week, but obviously we had to cancel all of that," Kylie explained.

The family says Mike had promised his wife he'd get the vaccine before their son arrives in February. Mikayla, who turned 12 this weekend and was scheduled for her shot, is in the ICU.

Salem Decelle family
Kylie, Mike, MiKayla and Erica posing for a photo. Mike (second to left) and Mikayla (second to right) are currently in the hospital. (WBZ-TV)

"Without them here, everything is so quiet. As much as my sister annoyed me, I really do miss them a lot," Kylie said.

Friends who have organized an online fundraiser say they're overwhelmed by generosity from the North Shore, and they want to remind anyone still on the fence to make a selfless choice.

"I was so against getting the shot. I did my research. I didn't do it for me, I did it because I didn't want to bring it home to my kids," said family friend Ryan LeMay. "You've got to suck it up. Get the shot."


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