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Here's Why NFL Fans On Reddit Hate The Patriots: It's Not For The Reason You Think

By Matt Dolloff (@mattdolloff)

BOSTON (CBS) -- NFL fans are sick of the Patriots, and it's not because of "cheating".

Reddit's popular NFL subreddit and its 400,000+ subscribers have been weighing in with their feelings on each NFL team, one per day. Thursday was the Patriots' turn.

Reddit's comment voting system sets the site apart from other online discussion forums. While the top comments in a thread may not indicate the overall feelings of a given fanbase, they do give a glimpse at the majority.

You may think that the Patriots thread would be filled with fans hating them for their "cheating" scandals. There were plenty of those - but they got voted to the bottom. The top commenters are simply sick of the Patriots' on-field success and perceived overexposure in the media. It was a refreshingly honest take amid a storm of complaints about cheating and tainted legacies.

Here's a sampling of the top comments with some Reddit users, their fan affiliations, and comments:

Slayner, Dolphins fan: "I'm dead inside. I'm 23 years old and a dolphins fan. Just let this Era be over please."

WholeLottaGlove, Ravens fan: "I am tired of them being good"

jcwood, Bills fan: "I hate the Patriots more than stubbing my toe on a ragged tower of old Lego bricks and slightly less than ISIS."

drewskki1, Bengals fan: "The Patriots are the franchise I wish the Bengals were. I have nothing but respect for that organization, and consider them my #2 team after the Bengals. Most people hate them only because they are jealous of the sustained success they have enjoyed."

skepticismissurvival, Vikings fan: "They're a great team and have been for a long time. But I'm tired of hearing about them."

Fatandmean, Broncos fan: "Need to beat them. Can't say much else. They are the must win against them team [sic] for us."

Free_Pimp_C, Texans fan: "We got no problems but they do suffer from overexposure. So when I'm sick of hearing about the Patriots I try to remember it's not their fault. Same way I don't fault anyone for the JJ's just bound to happen eventually."

heavyweightstuff, Saints fan: "I like them. They hate Goodell as much as we do. Gatebros and all that."

IAmKingDuff, Rams fan: "They made me cry when I was in like third grade when Vinatieri hit that game winner vs the Rams in the SB. I spent the years since hating them, but in the past couple of years I've come to respect that they are a really good organization and a good team. I used to hate Tom Brady with a passion but now I kinda like him, not sure what's wrong with me."

fronkenstein, Cowboys fan: "I think 99% of the hatred towards them is pure jealously of having a Hall of Fame caliber coach and quarterback for 15+ years. I'm indifferent to them unless we're playing them or if them beating a different team would help us."

Jux_, Broncos fan: "[Expletive] 'em"

The fans have spoken. On Reddit, most are just waiting for the Belichick - Brady reign of terror end for them, especially for AFC East fanbases.

This one stung a bit, though...

YesILift, Giants fan: "Well, I'd always be happy to go against them in the Super Bowl."

It's normal to hate a team that is at or near the top of the league for 15+ seasons. Derek Jeter's Yankee teams come to mind. But on Reddit, you'll find a haven of smart, rational NFL fans who are sick of the Patriots not because of silly, overblown "scandals", but for being so damn good.

And if Tom Brady is right about how long he expects to keep playing, the hatred isn't going to end any time soon.

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