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Randolph Police Officer Arrested After Car Fire Outside His Home

RANDOLPH (CBS) -- A Randolph police officer was placed on administrative leave after he was arrested over the weekend. Officer Glenn Frazier was arrested outside of his Brockton home while he was off duty, Randolph police said.

Frazier, 53, has been with the department for 24 years. He was charged with interfering with a firefighter, interfering with a police officer, and resisting arrest.

Glenn Frazier (Photo Courtesy: Brockton Police)

Avon Police first notified Brockton police Sunday "to be on the lookout for a dark-colored SUV possibly missing a tire with sparks coming from underneath."

Then, patrol officers near Division and Fairmount Streets were directed to Frazier's house by witnesses after noticing there were a few small fires on the road of Division Street.

Frazier was seen attempting to put out an intense car fire with a garden hose outside his home, according to police. "The officer took the hose away from Glenn Frazier and brought him to a safer spot away from the fire."

Flames from the car were shooting at least 10 feet in the air, police said.

Frazier, who appeared unsteady on his feet and told officers he had had five drinks, repeatedly tried to return to his house. He resisted police and help from a Good Samaritan while attempting to do so.

At this point, police said, the car fire was causing small explosions. "The house was not safe to be in while the vehicle was burning in the driveway. . . The vinyl siding of the house was melting and starting to catch fire."

As more firefighters arrived, the police on the scene needed to move their cruisers. While doing so, Frazier allegedly went right up to one cruiser, preventing any movement, police said.

"The officer had to stop the cruiser which caused one fire engine to maneuver closer to the flames, but another engine was hindered from passing through. The firefighters had to gather their tools and walk to assist the other engine on the scene."

In total, police said, Frazier defied police and attempted to return to the area more than 20 times. He was then arrested.

Frazier "will remain on administrative leave pending the outcome of a Brockton Police investigation and an internal review of the facts by the Randolph Police Department," said a statement from Randolph Police Chief William Pace.

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