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Franklin Woman Turns Poshmark Hobby Into A Full-Time Job

BOSTON (CBS) – Jennifer Quinn appreciates classic and trendy fashions, but she struggles with the industry's impact on the environment.

"With fast fashion, it's about putting an item on one or two times and then moving onto the next. What's happening is that is creating so much waste," she said.

Jennifer Quinn. (WBZ-TV)

To do her part, she challenged herself to buy only used clothing, or pre-loved as she calls them, for a year.

"As I was doing this, I was seeing so many pieces out there that were not necessarily my size, but I thought they could have a second life," she said.

She started collecting items and selling them on the popular platform PoshmarkJennifer's "closet" as the site calls collections by different sellers, has become such a hit, she quit her day job.

"I'm full-time Poshmark selling online and it's basically like I have my own online boutique consignment store," she said.

Jennifer Quinn bought used clothes as a hobby, but turned it into a full-time job. (WBZ-TV)

Jennifer spends one day a week hunting through thrift shops in Boston.  The rest of the operation runs out of her basement in Franklin.

She has a professional light kit and carefully photographs each item before posting it on the site. She has a fully stocked mini post office where she carefully wraps the items, boxes them and prints a shipping label. Customer service, she says, is the key to success.

Jennifer doesn't have kids, but has met many other Poshmark sellers who do.

"I think this is a really great job for a lot of women who want to stay home and be with their children because you really are able to become your own business owner," she said.


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