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POLL: Are Julian Edelman & Rob Gronkowski Fighting On Twitter?

BOSTON (CBS) - Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has been in Los Angeles recently, first spotted Monday night at the Los Angeles Clippers game.

Wide receiver Julian Edelman is also in the City of Angels, although the two teammates have yet to meet up, much to Edelman's displeasure.

The slot receiver and punt return specialist fired off this tweet to Gronkowski Thursday morning:

No big deal. Maybe they'll meet up, right?

Not the case.

Apparently, Gronkowski reached out to Edelman to hang, only to be met with excuses and frugality:

Them's fighting words . . . we think?

Maybe it's just the way they interact with each other. But from outside casual observers, it appears like the two are indeed beefing, as the youths of today would say.

What do you think?


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