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Police To Use New High-Tech Surveillance At Fourth Of July Celebration

BOSTON (CBS) - The security around this year's Fourth of July Esplanade celebration may be more high-tech than ever before. Police from different agencies have the ability to call up live surveillance feeds from hundreds of different sources worldwide. They can even link into private security cameras like those at Copley Place.

Boston Police, State Police, and dozens of other local agencies have joined a system called Mutualink, which has offices in Westford. It allows users to share video instantly, but only if they want to. They can also talk and text on a clean line between radio, phone, or tablet. It's fast, unrestricted communication.

"Everyone, whether they had desktop, laptop devices, smartphones and tablets in the field, could instantly view live video of something someone thought was relevant to share," explains Mutualink's Chief Technology Officer. "That type of instant communication has not been possible before, between agencies."

Police and other Boston agencies used the system at this year's Boston Marathon, and they plan to bring it out again for the Pops concert at the Hatch Shell, hoping the added security will guard against possible threats, and allow for a relaxed and happy celebration.


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