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Plow Driver Talks About Trying To Stop Deadly Woburn Robbery

WOBURN (CBS) - As heavy snow fell on the night of December 26, a plow driver was clearing the lot in front of the Kohl's store in Woburn.

"Just a normal, out working, and in a matter of minutes everything unfolded the way it did," the driver told WBZ, without giving his name.

WBZ-TV's Peg Rusconi reports

What he didn't know, was a paroled felon named Dominic Cinelli was inside the store.

According to prosecutors, Cinelli pointed a gun at four employees and had them empty 100-thousand dollars worth of jewelry into a duffel bag.

The plow driver saw a police officer running through the snow toward Cinelli, and backed his truck along the curb, keeping pace with Cinelli.

"I was acting on instinct, just doing what seemed was natural and what I should do," said the driver.

According to the prosecution's statement of the case, "Cinelli realized that the driver was blocking him, and as he tried to run around the machine, he raised his hand and pointed what appeared to be a gun at him. The driver pulled the steel blade up in front of the plow windshield to protect himself and continued to pursue Cinelli."

The driver told WBZ he was trying to "buy that police officer some time is all. Keep the bad guy contained."

As Cinelli ran out of the parking lot, a second police officer, John Maguire, got out of his cruiser.

Maguire and Cinelli both died in an exchange of gunfire.

The plow driver saw it happen. He says it's too hard to talk about and it haunts him daily.

"All I know is what happened and it was unfortunate."

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