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Phantom Gourmet: Peanut Butter Cup Taste Test

BOSTON (CBS) – Phantom recently purchased four packages of peanut butter cups from a local supermarket. The salty sweet snacks were Butterfinger, Justin's, Newman's Own, and Reese's. See if you can guess which brand ended up at the top of the food chain.

Newman's Own peanut butter cups. (Image Credit: Phamtom Gourmet)

Newman's Own finished in last place. This long and shiny package offers a trio of mini cups held snug inside a plastic liner. Phantom appreciates that this treat is made with organic ingredients, but he doesn't appreciate the lackluster flavor. Newman's peanut butter is forgettable, and his milk chocolate is mediocre.

Butterfinger's spin on peanut butter cups. (Image Credit: Phamtom Gourmet)

At the opposite end of the spectrum is Butterfinger peanut butter cups. These oddly shaped cups are an absolutely unrepentant guilty pleasure. Almost tooth-achingly sweet, it's the filling that really sets this snack apart. Rather than the standard smooth peanut butter, this brand mixes in tiny Butterfinger pieces, which impart a pleasantly contrasting crunch.

Reese's peanut butter cup. (Image Credit: Phamtom Gourmet)

The runner up is Reese's. A candy aisle classic for generations, this familiar orange package is the standard by which all other peanut butter cups are judged. Although the milk chocolate is nothing to write home about, and the peanut butter is shockingly sweet, this brand is greater than the sum of its parts. There's just something nostalgically delicious about this smooth, creamy combo. If there is a king of candy comfort food, Reese's is thy name.

Justin's peanut butter cups. (Image Credit: Phamtom Gourmet)

At the top of the food chain is Justin's. As soon as Phantom opened this simple white wrapper, he knew he was in for a premium candy experience. The playful paper liner doubles as a fun word search, but Phantom's just here for the food. These organic cups sport a thick shell that is dark in color, and rich in milk chocolate flavor. Each satisfying bite begins with a mouth coating chocolate blast that slowly gives way to an intensely nutty pop of natural peanut butter. Just one taste and it's easy to see that these cups are a cut above the candy competition. That's why Justin's milk chocolate peanut butter cups are at the top of the food chain.

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