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Tom Brady's New UGG Commercial Gives A Look At Life Off The Field

BOSTON (CBS) -- We're all used to see a fired-up Tom Brady take the field each week, but now we're getting a look at the Patriots' quarterback away from the spotlight.

Aside from a few pictures with his super model wife at various charity events, Brady doesn't open up his private life too often. But in his new commercials for UGG, Brady shares a moment away from the field with his fans.

The new commercial, which was posted to YouTube on Monday, shows Brady on a beach enjoying a quiet game of catch with his dog, Lua. Yes ladies, Tom Brady enjoys a quiet stroll on the beach.

"This is what it all comes down to. What all the hard work is for. The long days, the extra hours. All for moments like these," Brady says in the ad. "It may not be the big moment, the grand entrance and the bright lights on the big stage. But it's moments like these that make those that much more important."

It's such a simple message, but shows that while most of his 168 hours of the week are spent preparing for Sunday's matchup, even Brady can escape for just a few seconds.

And those few seconds make everything he does on Sunday even better.


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