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Gold Stars & Penalty Flags: Lewis, Gronk Shine For Patriots But NFL Replay Steals The Show

BOSTON (CBS) -- What a weird win for the Pats. Their victory over the Jets is shadowed with controversy, and New England fans don't feel great about the "W."

The Patriots are far from where they would like to be. Here are your Gold Stars and Penalty Flags from Sunday's win in New Jersey.

Gold Stars

- Dion Lewis gets a gold star. He said he was ready to let it fly in August but apparently the Pats waited until Week 6 to turn him loose. Lewis was back to looking like his old self against the Jets. He was shifty in the backfield with bursts through the seams and finished with 11 carries for 52 yards and a touchdown. It doesn't seem like a lot but it was more than enough for a team that was searching for a spark in their running game. Lewis gave the Pats that spark.

- Rob Gronkowski gets a gold star. Every time the Pats play the Jets, you realize how uncoverable Gronk can be. New York has spent years trying to figure out Gronkowski and they are still trying.  No. 87 baptized young Jamaal Adams and finished with six catches for 83 yards and two touchdowns.  His 33-yard push and shove to the end zone reminds you of how physical his game is. It's great to have Gronk back in the lineup.

- Kyle Van Noy gets a gold star. Van Noy is at his best when he can come off the edge or patrol the middle of the field. Dont'a Hightower getting healthier has allowed Van Noy to play without restrictions. He's free of the green dot responsibilities and can just get after the ball. He was in the backfield for sacks and run stops and  also played well in coverage. Maybe this star should go to Hightower, but both are needed for the Pats defense to be successful.

Penalty Flags

- Mike Gillislee gets a penalty flag. I'm waiting for him to have a breakout game at running back. He looked like he was on his way on Sunday but then coughed up the football. Bill Belichick sat him for 34 plays after that miscue.

It's time for Gillislee to shine. The Pats would love to finish these game with the offense on the field and running the ball, kind of like they did last year with LeGarrette Blount. The power running of Gillislee has not allowed them to do that yet. We're waiting.

- That fumble/touchback rule gets a penalty flag. It was touchdown. Stop making the game about the replays. The game is not played in slow motion. For once, the Jets fans crying about Patriot favoritism was correct because I feel if that was Gronk who crossed the goal line, it would not have even been looked at as closely.

What's a catch??? What's a fumble?? Why are the rules so weird around the goal line?? Why are still pics used for replays??  Horrible rule!!!

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