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Parents Of Haverhill Man Shot In Florida Seek Answers

HAVERHILL (CBS) - Everywhere you look in the Englehardt house in Haverhill, you see a memory of Bill and Therese's youngest son, Timothy.

The handsome 22-year-old was a former Haverhill High school football player and an aspiring TV meteorologist.

This September, as he was wrapping up his studies at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida, Tim was shot in the head at a friend's house.

Investigators first suspected suicide, even though Tim's mom and dad felt immediately there was no way that was possible.

"I don't know why people thought it was a suicide," says his father Bill.  "Tim had everything in the world going for him.  He never ever would have committed suicide, it wasn't in his nature."

By all accounts, Tim embraced life at school and was an active member of his fraternity. He also was actively planning his post-graduation career, with aspirations to end up delivering the weather for a television station in his home market here in Boston.

"I just constantly lie awake at night, thinking of my son being shot in the head," says Tim's father.  "It's just the nightmare that never ends."

In 911 tapes obtained by WBZ, you can hear Tim's friends calling for help immediately after the shooting on the evening of September 13th.

"My friend shot himself. We think he's dead... he shot himself," says the caller.  In the confusion, you can also hear someone say, ""I did it..."

Then the response:  "No you didn't... Relax, you didn't kill him."

The would-be weatherman was lining up jobs back home after graduation, and just moments before the shooting he had called his grandmother to ask for a plane ticket back to Boston this Thanksgiving.

His family is relieved to know detectives are still working the case since they think one of Tim's friends might have accidentally pulled the trigger. Police in Florida say the gun used in the incident was found out of reach of Tim's body.

"I believe it was accidental, but a murder's a murder," he says.


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