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Over/Under: Who Wins More, Brady Or His Former Backups Combined?

BOSTON (CBS) -- Who will win more games next season: Tom Brady, or all of his former backups combined?

It was an Over/Under Tuesday on the Adam Jones Show, as Jones and Nick Cattles discussed that very topic and several others. Here are the over/under numbers, along with Jones' answers:

Jimmy Garoppolo wins as a starter: Over/Under Jacoby Brissett's wins

"Jacoby Brissett's already done more than Garoppolo has," said Jones. "Jacoby Brissett won a game last year as a rookie. I wonder if Garoppolo could have done that as a rookie. ... He's already got two more wins than Garoppolo? I'm not even sure Garoppolo gets to the two. ... Give me Brissett, I say the under in that debate."

Tom Brady's time as Patriots starter: Over/Under 3.5 seasons

"I'm taking the over right now," said Jones. "I know that's ridiculous. I feel like the older Brady gets, the more rope I give him. ... He could play until hes 45! I'm not saying I believe he'll play at a high level or this level until he's 45, but right now I'm not betting against him."

Bill Belichick's time as Patriots head coach: Over/Under time Brady is Patriots QB

"I'm still saying Bill, over," said Jones. "The fact that Garoppolo is now gone breathes a little more life into Brady and Belichick riding off into the sunset together. ... I'm at least giving that some credence, but no. Over. Bill Belichick will be here longer than Brady."

Round the Patriots draft a QB next year: Over/Under 2.5

"I say over," said Jones. "I don't necessarily even want them drafting quarterbacks. But like I said earlier, you want to churn out guys [rounds] five, six, seven, bring in an undrafted guy, I think you have just about as good a chance hitting there as you do targeting a guy."

Wins for Tom Brady in 2018: Over/Under wins by QBs who have backed him up

"It's definitely going to be Brady over, right?" said Jones. "Brady's going to win like 10 games. What's Garoppolo gonna win, four? I don't know, maybe Brissett gets a win here, Hoyer gets a win there. Over for Tom Brady."


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