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NH Sisters On Mission To Take Selfie With Every Presidential Candidate

BOSTON (CBS) - Do selfies and presidential politics mix? Well, for two New Hampshire girls, the answer is a big yes. They're chasing the growing list of candidates and becoming informed, future voters at the same time.

It started with Chris Christie just two weeks ago, and now includes Jeb Bush, Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina and seven other presidential hopefuls. "Today we're going to get a selfie with Scott Walker, hopefully," says 17-year-old Addy Nozell. She and her sister, 15-year-old Emma, who are from Merrimack, call it their summer project, getting selfies with all the candidates stumping for votes in New Hampshire.

And it's not just for fun. "It's a really great education for the summer. My friends, they don't even know the candidates and who's running and what's their opinions. And once we post the selfies on social media, they get to learn about them," says Emma.

Selfie sisters
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker with Emma and Addy Nozell (WBZ-TV)

Today Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker makes his first Granite State appearance since announcing his candidacy, and the girls are ready, marching up to the politician and asking: "Hi, can we have a selfie with you?" The answer is yes, and after a few quick snaps, candidate 14 is captured.

"He wanted to wait until the end, but I was like, no you've got to do it now," says Emma. "I'm amazed, really, about how many they've gotten," says Wendy Thomas, the girls' mother.

At first she thought selfies were silly, but since the sisters also listen to each candidate's pitch, it works. "These candidates, they used to kiss babies, now they take selfies," Wendy says. "All of them have been really nice, and they're OK with the selfies," Emma says.

The sisters went to a Donald Trump event Thursday evening got #15. Addy, the older sister, will cast her first vote in the 2016 Presidential election. Both girls say, they're undecided.

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