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New Year's Resolutions: Wealthier & Wiser, Part 1

BOSTON (CBS) - According to Fidelity Investments eight annual New Year Financial Resolutions Study, the number of Americans ringing in the New Year by making financial resolutions is about the same as last year with 36% considering at least one.

But I would like to point out that almost every New Year's resolution we make has a financial component to it though.

The Fidelity's study pointed out that folks wanted help to accomplish such goals as spending less or saving more. I thought we would cover Fidelity's list of the top 10 financial resolutions.

#1: Spend Less

We all want money left over at the end of the month. To achieve that goal, you need to figure where you are spending your money each month. Look at your cash flow. What comes in is easy; your salary, child support, pension, bonus, Social Security benefit, alimony.

Now figure out where does it goes each month. Do you eat out 2 or 3 times a week? That alone puts a hole in your budget and cooking more meals at home is an easy way to spend less. Another budget buster is impulse buying. Do you need it or do you want it? Figure that out and you may be on your way to Spending less.

Do you need the latest in fashion or electronics? A new phone each year?

#2: Save More

Well if you can spend less it would stand to reason you will save more. If you figure out how to have more money left at the end of the month consider making savings automatic. Most of us do not have the discipline each month to sit down and write out checks to our various savings accounts. If we make it automatic the discipline is built in.

Consider contributing money to your 401(k) at work or increase your contribution. Have money debited from your checking account each month for the kid's college account or your emergency fund. Start an IRA if there is no retirement plan at work. Again, here also you can set it up so the mutual fund company debits your checking account each month so you don't need to think about it.

A very simple plan will work best.


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