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Worker Killed Inside NH Home After Explosion

NEW BOSTON, NH (CBS) -- A man was killed when a propane tank explosion destroyed a New Boston home Tuesday morning.

Antonio DeSouza, 46, of Nashua, New Hampshire was doing painting work inside the home which was under construction.

Neighbors said they heard the explosion, then saw the fire and the house collapse on Foxberry Drive.

Authorities said they received a call about the explosion at the home around 10:27 a.m.

Firefighters were on the scene after a New Boston, New Hampshire home was destroyed. (Courtesy photo)

After a propane tank outside the home exploded, a police officer on the scene said a neighbor and contractor heard that painter yelling and saying he was trapped and hurt.

He said they were talking to him through the walls when the first floor of the home collapsed.

The house was for sale and no one was living there.

According to the Fire Chief, the closest water supply was 3,000 feet away, forcing crews to use long hoses and water trucks.

The State Fire Marshal's office say the cause of the explosion and fire is under investigation but one possible cause they are looking at is the propane system which was installed in the house.

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