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Necco Workers Greeted By Sen. Markey While Picking Up Their Last Check From Revere Plant

BOSTON (CBS) -- Workers at the Necco factory in Revere returned to the plant Friday to pick up their last paycheck and Sen. Ed Markey was there to greet the laid-off workers.

The plant shut down suddenly on Tuesday, leaving about 230 people without jobs.

Sen. Ed Markey visits the Necco factory as workers pick up their last check (WBZ-TV | Jim Smith)

The company was purchased at an emergency bankruptcy auction in May by the company that saved Twinkies, but it was since sold again and it's unclear if they'll continue candy production.

"They're treated with no loyalty. They're just told to pack up," Markey said of the situation.

Necco is the country's oldest continuously operating candy company, according to a statement from Markey, having opened its doors in 1847.

Worker Maria Rosa, who worked for Necco for more than three decades, said she got 10 days of severance pay.

"I work every day for NECCO," Rosa said. "He no say to the people 'Thank you.' He no say to the people people, no, nothing. A lot of people is sick, a lot of people is emotional. A lot of people are crying."

Necco workers line up for their last paycheck Friday (WBZ-TV | Jim Smith)

Worker David Vera said the plant "abruptly closed."

"When the new owners bought it, we were all under the impression that they were gonna stay open. And then the new owners sold it to some other owners that we don't know about, and they just abruptly closed the doors," Vera said. "It's been a long time. This building's been nice to me but its gonna be sad to go."

The mayor of Revere has said several local companies are offering potential jobs to those recently laid-off, though not enough to fill every position.

"My office has heard from 30 employers so far looking for employees who have this experience, have the experience of working in a job like NECCO," said Mayor Brian Arrigo.

The Revere Chamber of Commerce also posted on Facebook to ask local businesses if they have any open positions.


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