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Firefighters Rescue Natick Woman And Dog From Swamp

NATICK (CBS) - A Natick woman says she's grateful to the firefighters who rescued her and the family dog from a swamp at Hunnewell Town Forest on Thursday.

Cindy was walking her one year old cockapoo named Cosmo when the frisky dog managed to slip out of his harness and jump into the murky water.

"He was splashing around and looking like he was having a good time when he realized he couldn't get his footing. He started to panic and move out further and further," said Cindy who didn't want her last named published.

Natick rescue
Firefighters rescued Cindy and Cosmo from a swamp in Natick (WBZ-TV)

She decided to wade in to rescue him with Cosmo yelping in panic. Her sneakers were no match for the muddy bottom so she took them off and quickly got into trouble herself waist deep.

"It was cold and murky and really disgusting. It took awhile for him to finally come close enough so I could reach him. At that point my right leg was stuck in the muck."

Natick rescue
Natick woman rescued from swamp by firefighters (Image from Natick Fire)

She had left her cellphone on the bank and began crying for help. That's when other walkers in the area finally heard her calls and dialed 911. The Natick Fire Department sprang into action putting on a survival suit and grabbing a safety rope, getting Cosmo out first and then helping her hobble out.

"I am beyond grateful. They were so wonderful and so professional for not making me feel like a total idiot," she says. "I was mortified."

Cindy says she is now heeding the firefighters' advice, that if there's a next time, to call 911 herself.

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