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MSPCA Rescues Ludlow Horses From 'Worst Conditions They've Ever Seen'

LUDLOW (CBS) -- The MSPCA is now caring for two horses rescued in Ludlow from what they described as the "worst case of horse neglect" they've ever seen.

Their former owner, Nancy Golec, is now facing four counts of felony animal cruelty. Golec was arraigned in Palmer District Court on Feb. 24.

When they were rescued back on February 5, the horses could not leave their stalls because they were trapped in a massive pile of manure. It took the MSPCA two hours to dig the horses out. That's when they found sores on the horses' backs from rubbing up against the rafters in the stalls and disfigured hooves.

The horses, 13-year-old Shakira and 11-year-old Tia, were rushed to Nevins Farm in Methuen for treatment.

On the scene - the horses literally had to be dug out of the stall in which they were trapped (credit MSPCA-Angell)
One of the horses trapped in their stall by a pile of manure. (Photo Credit: MSPCA)

Roger Lauze, the equine rescue training manager at the farm, said in a news release that he hasn't seen this degree of neglect in nearly 40 years of work.

"The hooves on these horses were so overgrown and disfigured that it will take years of farrier work for them to reshape—if that's even possible," he said.

Both horses also had overgrown teeth, and the MSPCA said the bone changes that occurred as a result of the neglect could permanently compromise their health.

The organization is trying to rehabilitate them in hopes that they can be put up for adoption. Anyone interested can email for more information.

"They're as friendly as can be and they love to be around people. They like to be groomed," Lauze said.

Anyone who would like to help with the horses' medical bills may do so by way of the MSPCA at Nevins Farm Ashton's Hope Fund.

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