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7-Month-Old With Rare Genetic Condition Sent Home From Hospital For The First Time Since Being Born

BOSTON (CBS) -- A baby born with an extremely rare genetic condition in Massachusetts is finally set to go home for the first time since he was born. Seven-month-old Milo Alligood was discharged from Franciscan Children's Hospital on Tuesday.

He has been receiving specialized treatment there for the past four months.

Milo was born with Hidea Syndrome, something only 20 people in the world have been diagnosed with. He is dependent on a ventilator and g-tube for his nutrition, and he has trouble breathing.

His parents have undergone an extensive training program to be able to bring him home. It included a 48-hour-stay at the hospital where they were supervised by the staff as they cared for Milo on their own.

"The experience has been absolutely terrifying with very good moments also.  We're happy and ecstatic to finally be bringing him home after almost eight months. It's going to be a lot of work but we're ready to do it," said mom Amber Foster.

Milo will also get the chance to meet his big brother Eli, who is two years old, now that he is headed home.

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