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Methuen Mother Heartbroken After Son's Wheelchair Vanishes

METHUEN (CBS) - A Methuen mother is heartbroken after her son's wheelchair vanished from her house.

Update: School Replaces Wheelchair

Margaret Kamau is desperate. On Tuesday, she picked up her son from his custom wheelchair and brought him in the house. When she came back out his chair was gone.

Missing wheelchair
Margaret Kamau and her son George. (WBZ-TV)

"I want to make a desperate appeal, to whoever might have taken it, to please bring it back," she says. "That would be the noble thing to do."

Ten-year-old George suffers from a very rare disorder that has left him paralyzed. His chair is the only way he can get around. He uses it for school, trips to the park, and running errands with his mother.

George's mother is wondering who would take his wheelchair considering they live on a dead end street in a quiet safe neighborhood.

"I'm sure it was a mistake, I wouldn't say somebody stole it, somebody took it by mistake and it's somewhere," she says.

It was trash day so she thought maybe it was taken by mistake. But she's called everyone, even scrap yards nearby to make sure it wasn't sold for scrap.

The chair, that George just got last fall, is worth more than $6,000. Margaret says she can't afford to replace it.

"We really need the chair back," she says. "Whoever has it should bring it back."

Margaret has filed a report with the Methuen Police who say they are searching for the chair.


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