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MBTA Driver In Newton Mass Pike Overpass Crash Wants License Back

NEWTON (CBS) - The former MBTA driver involved in a crash that left her bus hanging over the Massachusetts Turnpike wants to get back behind the wheel.

Shanna Shaw was fired and her driver's license was suspended after the crash.

She was in court on Wednesday making her case to have her license reinstated. A representative for the RMV told the judge that the seriousness of the charges, her license should be suspended indefinitely. But an attorney for Shaw argued that she needs her license in order to care for her family and her elderly mother

It's expected to take about ten days for the court to rule on the request.

Police records show that Shanna Shaw had a cell phone in her hand at the time of the May 18, crash that sent several people to the hospital with injuries. Shaw is facing obstruction of justice charges for allegedly lying to investigators about her use of a cell phone during the crash.

She claims she sneezed, which sent the bus into the guardrail.

She is also charged with negligent driving and speeding.


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