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Several Cars Get Flat Tires From Huge Pothole In Prudential Tunnel

BOSTON (CBS) – A massive sinkhole that opened up in the Prudential tunnel Friday morning, causing damage to several cars, was caused by road failure, according to MassDOT.

"Scary, scary you know something is going to happen," said Sally Goldfarb whose tire was flattened when she hit the hole, saying there was no way to avoid it as she rounded the curve at the Copley exit. "Absolutely, positively no way. I didn't see the hole, but I saw the car in front of me go into it. I couldn't swerve to the left."

Pedro Santos was another one of the unlucky drivers who also has a sizeable gash in his rear tire after hitting the hole. "It's huge and deep. I could see wires, not just a pothole but something major."

pothole pru tunnel sinkhole
The hole on the eastbound side of the highway on the exit 22 ramp. (Photo credit: Mass. State Police)

Crews were scrambling to remove the crumbled road surface and replace it. Cars were in gridlock with only one lane open for much of the day.

Goldfarb said it was a headache as her car had to be towed because there was too much damage to the wheel hub to fit a spare. "I find this totally inexcusable to be that big."

Santos also had to be towed, forcing him to miss an appointment for his window washing company. "I was supposed to be at the job at ten o'clock; it's now almost noon, and I'm not going to make it."

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