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Massachusetts minimum wage going up to $15 an hour in 2023

November jobs report shows resilient market
November jobs report shows resilient market 04:26

BOSTON - The Massachusetts minimum wage is increasing to start 2023, and there are other changes coming for workers in the new year.

The minimum wage will be $15 an hour starting January 1, up from $14.25. The service rate will go from $6.15 an hour to $6.75.

Time-and-a-half pay on Sundays and holidays will be eliminated completely in 2023 after years of being phased out.

The wage changes were set in motion back in 2018, when a "grand bargain" was struck on Beacon Hill that upped the minimum wage, required paid leave for workers and guaranteed an August sales tax holiday on the calendar.

Massachusetts, Connecticut, California and Washington are the states that will be paying $15 an hour or more in the new year. 

CBS News reported earlier this year that "$20 is the new $15" when it comes to wage expectations, with inflation at its highest level in decades. Job search data shows that more workers are searching for jobs that pay $20 or $25 an hour instead of $15.

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