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Massachusetts Voters Reject Ballot Question 2 On Ranked Choice Voting

BOSTON (CBS) – Massachusetts voters rejected ballot Question 2, which would have changed the state's election to the "ranked choice" system of voting.

About 55-percent of voters rejected it, according to the latest results.

If it passed Question 2 would have given voters the option of ranking candidates in order of their preference in statewide elections and certain county elections starting in 2022.

The "Yes on 2" campaign conceded early Wednesday, releasing a statement just after midnight.

"We came up short in this election, and we are obviously deeply disappointed," said campaign manager Cara Brown McCormick. "We were attempting to do something historic in Massachusetts and fell short, but the incredible groundswell of support from volunteers and reformers that assembled behind this campaign is reason enough to stay optimistic about the future of our democracy."

Eighteen municipalities across the country currently use ranked choice, and Maine now uses it statewide.

Question 2 supporters argued ranked choice makes politics less partisan and it cuts down on spoiler candidates — ones who peel off enough votes to change the winner.

Ranked choice voting had received support from Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey, but Governor Charlie Baker was opposed to it.

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